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Rome June 2014 by Gioia  :
It is my pleasure to recommend Lucia Caratelli and her performance as a reflexologist. I first got in touch with Lucia about five months ago because i wanted to try the reflexological treatment on myself and see if it would help me with my severe costipation. During the time I was able to appreciate the results of the treatment and also found this was providing me with a general well-being.
Lucia has displayed since the beginning strong committment and true passion for her job. She is in my experience a skilled professional and a very pleasant person.
Rome May 2014 by Penelope :
Lucia Caratelli is an excellent reflexologist giving a wonderful foot massage. She gave me great relief both phisically and mentally during a difficult period. She also speaks good English and is perfectly capable of carrying on a conversation.
London July 2014 by Enrica :
It has been a wonderful experience having her manipulating my feet, as I felt relaxed at a deeper level. 
It has been as if she had touched my internal organs.
 I felt her soothing my inner tensions, while making me feel energized.

I would recommend Lucia to everyone, especially to those who have inner tension.

Roma Luglio 2014 by Barbara :
London July 2014 by John :
i have had a fantastic couple of refexology treatments the first time she said that i had a problem with my intestines whish is true whish she really helped with ,then she said that she could feel there was something wrong around the mouth she was right ,i had a cold the next day ,she is  very sensitive and accurate and i completley relaxed i could feel the whole body reacting to the treatment .i left completely relaxed with warm floating feet .  i really believe if your  looking for a treatment  or had a treatment with somebody else try lucia  she must be one of the best .
Roma Agosto 2014 by Ricky :
Ho ricevuto un ciclo di sedute di riflessologia e per la prima volta nella mia vita sono riuscita a rilassarmi a livello profondo.  
La voce di Lucia all'inizio e le sue mani mi hanno accompagnato in un percorso

che dal corpo, dai piedi, ha raggiunto non solo i 'miei organi interni' ma ha toccato anche il mio spirito.
Lucia non solo e' riuscita a farmi rilassare ma e' anche riuscita a farmi sentire molto piu' energetica
per cui ho ora bisogno di meno ore di sonno per sentirmi riposata.
Raccomando Lucia Caratelli a chiunque e in particolare a chi abbia difficolta' a lasciarsi andare.


Roma Agosto 2014 by Felix :



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