Reflexology and Relaxation


Help your body to become healty by giving it back its natural balance

There are reflex areas in your feet and hands connected to all glands, organs and parts of your  body.
Reflexology is an excellent way to deal with stress-ailments from our modern lifestyle.
It relieves tension, improves bloody supply, promotes the unblocking nerve impulses, helps natural achieve homeostasis.

Let reflexology take care of your pregnancy 

Enjoy the benefits of reflexology during all your pregnancy, week by week until labor, birth and beyond !

Take a long-term relaxation

After a reflexology treatment your whole body feels relaxed as tension is easied through working the reflexes on your feet.
Improve your sleep quality and you'll have better, lighter, and happier days.
My greatest satisfations are the thanks that I get everyday for the results obtained in this context.
Book a reflexology treatment at home or at the Association " Armonia" in Ponte Milvio Rome
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